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Our contributors are listed according to the alphabet, regardless of importance.

Hans Brammer

Hans Brammer lives in Berlin together with his wife and son. He works at an international company where he is responsable for developping electronical machinery for the steel industry. Already as a kid he was interested in UNIMOGS. He grew up on the countryside and was always watching the UNIMOGS working on the fields. Later he was allowed to help as a copilot harvesting turnips. The small Wiking UNIMOG toy cars were always his favorite toys.

For a long time he lost interest in the UNIMOG. At the beginning of the 90s he was back to "normal". At a toy car sale event he saw the old UNIMOGS that he collected in his youth. The little distinctive cars were still around. When he was young there were only a few types available but in the meantime there's a huge variety of different UNIMOG model types in various sizes available. His main interest is in models of the HO size. But not enough with the small toy car models, he is also the proud owner of a U411 with snowplow in the size 1:1. When he's not busy with UNIMOGS, he loves to travel and sometimes the two things can be combined. He can be reached with the following email address Hans.Brammer@t-online.de.

Ralf Maile

Ralf Maile is a well-known person in UNIMOG circles. This is due to his publications ("40 Jahre UNIMOG", "Das Buch vom UNIMOG", "UNIMOG im Einsatz" etc.), and/or to his amazing UNIMOG toy car modifications. His UNIMOG picture archive on which he is constantly working already consists of more than 20'000 pictures of UNIMOGS in all situations. His incredible knowledge was extremely helpful for this database.

All toy car enthusiast will be delighted to hear that Ralf Maile has agreed to let us document his incredible collection of hand-made modifications of UNIMOG models. One day we will be able to publish these pictures online.


Oliver Porzel

Oliver Porzel lives together with his wife Katrin and his daughters Lisa (UCG member 2261) and Anna in Steinwiesen, in beautiful Oberfranken. As a lifelong UNIMOG freak and long time UCG member 1690 his hobby is everything that concerns UNIMOG. Since 2000 he's also a member of the UNIMOG Veterans Club. He's a collector of UNIMOG toy models since many years and his collection has grown to a respectable size. His knowledge and his insider connections were a big help putting together this database. Since many years Oliver is working on establishing a toy model shop. We helped him a little bit in designing his website . He can be reached via the following email address mail@unimog-porzel.de


Klaus Riediger

Klaus R. Riediger, has been born in the same year as his 49er Boehringer, moved from the city to the countryside in 1990. That's when his interest in UNIMOGS, always there in the background since his youth, finally came back for good. 2 1/2 years later he had not only started a respectable collection of toy models, but he was also the proud owner of a 2010 of 52. But wait, there's more: In 2004 he became a train engineer, another youthful dream, and then he moved around a two-way UNIMOG on rails and on the road! Some of you envied him, but the downside of it all was that he then didn't have enough time for his hobby!

He began early to record his collection on the computer and also put his list on the Internet. Unfortunately he had no time anymore to work on his website. Because of his friendship with the makers of UNIMOG.CH it was only logical that we started working together. Unfortunately Klaus passed away in January 2017 and we miss him dearly.


Josef und Josef Steiner

Josef Steiner (senior) made his first experiences with a 411 UNIMOG as a school boy when his father let him take his first driving lessons in the forests of Bavaria. Obviously the enthusiasm for UNIMOGS is heritable because his son Josef (junior) is also a huge UNIMOG fan. Both are members of the Gaggenau UNIMOG Club (Josef sen. as UCG member 2485, Josef jun. as UCG member 2876) and of the "UNIMOG- und MBtrac-Freunde Niederbayern e.V.".

If his wife Anneliese and daughter Christina would not intervene, their passion for collecting UNIMOG toy models would take on alarming dimensions. His private website tells you more about his love for the UNIMOG. He can be reached under the following email address Josef.Steiner@t-online.de.


You can also help putting together and maintaining this database, or you could work as a moderator for one of the forums. Either you are knowledgeable with special toy models or with model-making and you would like to be active in our group. Or you would enjoy talking with like-minded people about special UNIMOG topics. Whatever it is, please get in contact with us! We'd love to hear from you!


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