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Who are we?
Why do we publish a Unimog website on the Internet?
What are our goals with this website?
Many questions... here are the answers!

1. Who are we?

We must begin by saying that we got our Unimog UNIMOG U-2450 L38 ('nota bene' to a scale of 1:1) like the virgin a child! To say it in plain English: we didn't have the slightest idea about UNIMOGs. Though we did see UNIMOGs in use by the Swiss army, working on German roads or from time to time on a field in use for agricultural purposes, we never paid much attention to it.

But then how did we get our UNIMOG?

To poursue one of our hobbies, namely looking for certain plants in mostly inaccessible regions of this planet, we wanted to get an expedition vehicle. That's when somebody recommended to get a UNIMOG because it is the best cross-country vehicle in its class. And so we got one. We got our vehicle in June 1995, went test-driving it for two summers in Iceland and are on the road permanently since mid of 1997 (please have a look at our private website under www.globetrotters.ch !).


We are Julia Etter (Swiss), a German scholar and Martin Kristen (Austrian), a political economist and computer scientist. After almost 10 years driving around with a UNIMOG, wer'e nogreenhorns anymore. We're also collectors of UNIMOG toy models (with a collection of about 700 UNIMOG models) and many other UNIMOG related things. Of course we're also members of the UNIMOG club in Gaggenau (UCG).



2. Why do we publish a UNIMOG toy model data base on the Internet?


We always wanted to know how many UNIMOG models exist (in all scales - except 1:1). But nobody was able to answer this question. All the people we met, all the UNIMOG model car collectors that we spoke too, everybody was just shrugging their shoulders but didn't have any answers. That's when we decided in 2000 that we would build such a model car database together with our friends Hans Brammer and Oliver Porzel (see contributors page). Because I, Martin, had enough experience in the programming of Internet websites and data bases, I sat down and designed and developped this data base also considering the wishes of some other collectors. After some time we had to make some changes and additions that in the end led to an alomost new website.


At this point we want to say that this project is a hobby and that we don't expect any commercial benefit at all. All the contributors collaborated and voluntarily and without being paid. So what you see flickering on your screen is really a website from hobbyists. Nonethelesss, all data and pictures on this website are legally protected by a copyright! If someone wants to use some of this information, he/she has to ask for our written approval.



3. What are our goals with this website?


Our primary goal is to give an overview (as complete as possible) of the UNIMOG model vehicles ever made. This data base wants to help all the collectors to find out what model car they hold in their hands and what other colors or variations of this model exist, etc. Another goal is to enrich the variety of publications on UNIMOGs on the Internet. But we also want to say that we don't want to be of any competition to the well-known UNIMOG-Heft'l that is published by our club, the UNIMOG Club Gaggenau - the only thing we would want to be is a welcome addition!



4. Structure of this website


We tried to design this website as easy and user friendly as possible. If you have any remarks or criticism, or other useful hints, you can send us an e-mail (you find the links everywhere on our pages), but you can also click here.


We want to make clear that such a project didn't come entirely our of our own head. We present our contributors under "contributors". At the end of this page you will also find a short introduction about what it needs to become a contributor.


Under "news" you will always find the latest additions to this website, its extension and further developement.


Under "model database" you 'll find the data of the UNIMOG model cars. That's the place to rummage to your heart's content. The data of the model vehicles can be searched, found and retrieved by producer, by type, by type of use, by color and many more options. You can retrieve one page per model type or model number on which you'll find a lot of data and some pictures of the model vehicle in question. Small pictures can be enlarged by mouse click. We ask for your understanding that new models can't appear in this data base the day they're on the market - we need some time to put them online. If someone knows of a model car (no hand-made models please, only models that are available on the market or were produced as advertisement for a company, scale doesn't matter (except 1:1)), that is still missing in our data base, we would be glad to receive a short notice here mentioning the producer, the type and probably the year of production. If you give us your email we can get in touch with you and complete our data base with your information.


The section "links" leads you to other websites that are somehow involved with the UNIMOG or have to do with ourselves.


In the section "preferences" you can change the details of the model page, which should be shown and which shouldn't be shown. These settings will be stored in a cookie and stay active.


The function "deutsch" (=german) switches from English to the German language. Please note that it's an immense work to translate all parts of this website. Especially the model data base would be cumbersome, so we had to decide not to translate and store all expressions in both languages.


Now just have fun and we sure hope to get some feedback from some of you, or even better, to find new contributors!


The editors and designers of this website

Julia Etter & Martin Kristen, 2005-2011


introduction • contributors • news • unimog model database • links • preferences • deutsch

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